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      Date: Nov 30, 2011
     Title: "Let`s dance in Armenian"

"Let`s dance in Armrnian" young undertaking was formedĀ 

"Let`s dance in Armenian" young undertaking was formed by the members of the amateur groups of the esemble of ethnographic songs and dances from June in 2011 . The young dance group had its serial courses in Koghb, especially at the school of Fine Arts.Every minute, having spent here, was instructive and made unforgetable impressions.The colour and odour of Armenian culture gave great energy to the members of the undertaking and became a source of new inspiration.The aims and ideas of the Fine Arts of Koghb as well as the ones of dance group "Let`s dance in Armenian" are harmonic.In different parts of Armenia each of them reveals the Armenian pure and clean culture, promoting its distribution and the Armenian upbringing of a new generation.