The Koghb Art School has worked with many different organizations and individuals since its inception in 1999. We would like to recognize these contributions:

  • Armenian National Art Gallery
  • Yerevan Folk Art Museum
  • Yerevan Tumanyan Museum
  • Peace Corps-Armenia - We've worked with local volunteers to organize English clubs, computer trainings, and cultural exchanges with the teachers and students of our school.
  • Armenian National Writers Union
  • Dilijan Art School
  • Tavush Regional Government
  • Noyemberyan City Government
  • Koghb Village Government
  • Koghb Cultural House

We are currently seeking partners to implement projects and develop our school. Our future plans, and potential issues we want to address are:

  1. Once a new building is constructed, there will be expanded opportunities for the students, including work with ceramics and pottery, sculpture, and wood.
  2. Make a documentary film about the school.
  3. Host exhibitions in Armenia and abroad.
  4. Develop relationships with Armenian and foreign art schools.
  5. All items introduced on our "Galleries" and "Handwork" pages are for sale. If you want to purchase one of these items, please contact us.

If you are interested in becoming a partner with the Koghb Art School, please contact us.